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Citizen’s Climate Lobby is an international non-profit based in California, with hundreds of chapters around the globe. Our current goals are to inform the public about a Carbon Fee & Dividend (CF&D) legislative proposal that would cut fossil fuel emissions in order to lower rising global temperatures with the effect of reversing climate change effects, and to encourage Hawaii’s Rep. Tulsi Gabbard to join the bi-partisan House Climate Solutions Caucus which is poised to write effective climate change legislation such as Carbon Fee & Dividend.

What is Carbon Fee & Dividend? Check out this excellent TED talk video:

Growing the bi-partisan House Climate Solutions Caucus is a crucial part of the plan to pass C&FD legislation. The caucus was formed in 2016 and has grown to 60 members, equally divided Democrats and Republicans, all who support doing the right thing to reverse climate change. In order to join the caucus, a member of Congress must find a partner from the opposite political party to also join.

Being an active member of a local CCL chapter means exercising the levers of political will. Members engage in lobbying elected representatives, building relationships with and using the media to advance CCl’s goals, forming partnerships with community leaders, and educating the public on effective climate change solutions, all work to create a groundswell of public support when CF&D legislation is ready to roll out.

Upcoming events featuring Hawaii Island CCL members:

Nov. 12, 1 pm: HI County Democratic Party meeting where Merle will do a lazer talk and provide handouts. Hawai’i County Economic Opportunity Council conference room, 47 Rainbow Drive, Hilo.

Nov. 16, 4:30 pm: United Nations Hawaii Island chapter’s lecture on the Impact of Climate Change on Fresh Water Resources. CCl’s Amy and Ryan will do a quick lazer talk and provide CCL handouts. UH-H Student Services Center, Room W-201.

Nov. 30, 10 am: a CCL slide and video presentation by Merle and Ron, “How You Can Help to Solve Climate Change” at the Institute for Astronomy, 640 N. A`ohoku Pl., Hilo, above Imiloa Astronomy Center.

Hawaii Island Chapter Meeting:

10am Nov. 18, 2017, UH-Hilo, University Classroom Building Room 112, 1st floor.


Citizens’ Climate Lobby websites:
Hawai’i Chapter


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