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This site exists to unify climate-environmental protections and social-justice movements around the world: to connect individuals to their communities and to provide independent media outreach for grassroots organizers.

Climate Connection supports universal human rights and environmental restoration. We recognize the responsibility and opportunity to engineer a future in service to all. We support open borders, sustainable lifestyles, human rights and an end to endless war and climate denial. We share a common goal for greater ethics and cooperation: to engineer a future that sustains us all and supports greater biodiversity, where actions coordinated by many can scale progressive change.

Our goals this year are supporting climate related gatherings pertaining to the OFF Act legislation Climate Solutions Caucus, Citizens Climate Lobby and other community grassroots food and energy projects and activism. Climate Connection also exists to protect those affected by inequities of power and environmental crisis. Our vision is to support community sustainability and energy independence while supporting foundational progressive change. Check out these upcoming events to help support local community actions.

While larger networks like Facebook and Twitter have become a major backbone tool for online community organizing, we recognize the risk of consolidating networks into single companies which may eventually or currently censor activist material. This website is being developed as a second space for community organizing online. If you would like to join our web-team, we are seeking writers, developers and community leaders to support social and independent activist media, you can email climateconnectionhawaii@gmail.com. While Climate Connection is a Hawai’i based project, we welcome and support global organizers and objectives.


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To develop global sustainability networks, foster biospheric justice, close identity-class inequities and protect diverse sentient life.





3090 SD2

Senate Bill 3090 SD2 has been Referred to ONLY ONE COMMITTEE on the House side of the Legislature. Not four, not three, not even two committees…only one committee.
This Mauna Kea bill is being FAST TRACKED through the House and has only been referred to the Finance Committee. Please contact Finance Chair Sylvia Luke and ask her NOT to give this bill a hearing – nearly 900 testimonies were submitted in opposition to the transferring of the Mauna Kea summits to an authority that will be appointed by Governor Ige who is PRO-TMT.

Chair Sylvia Luke
House District 25
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 306
phone: 808-586-6200

Vice Chair Ty J.K. Cullen
House District 39
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 316
phone: 808-586-8490
fax: 808-586-8494

Committee Members:
Romy M. Cachola
Nicole E. Lowen
Lynn DeCoite
Nadine K. Nakamura
Beth Fukumoto
Chris Todd
Cedric Asuega Gates
Kyle T. Yamashita
Daniel Holt
Andria P.L. Tupola
Jarrett Keohokalole
Gene Ward
Bertrand Kobayashi

– Ka Lāhui Hawaiʻi Political Action Committee



To submit an upcoming bill/testimony notification or another event email: climateconnectionhawaii@gmail.com